Healthy, Happy, Productive Habits

Adopting the top habits of healthy, happy and productive people will affect your biochemistry. There is no question when you’re healthy, you’re happy. And when you’re happy it’s easy to be productive. These seven positive changes nurture health, foster happiness and promote productivity. Try one. Try them all. They work. Science says so according to Jeff […]

30 Minutes of Exercise

The Key to a Happier, Healthier You Regardless of age or fitness level – from mall-walkers to marathoners – exercise keeps the heart healthy, boosts energy levels, and is crucial for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Regular exercise is the key to a happier, healthier you just 30 minutes a day, 5 days […]

The Healing Field

When I think of how much Mark Lamm contributed through his wisdom and his touch whether personally or through his practitioners I am humbled. Mark’s brilliance will continue as his legacy lives on forever …. in the healing field of pure potential. MARK’S VISION: To liberate people from their genetic, past and current restrictions that […]

Compassion vs Dysfunction

Only the Broken Wave Knows the Ocean by Robert Augustus Masters / @RobertMasters Paralleling and distracting us from our suffering is an abundance of dysfunction in spiritual drag. This includes spiritualized greed (think so-called prosperity consciousness), spiritualized escapism (dissociation masquerading as transcendence), spiritualized narcissism (the you-can-have-it-all deification of me-ness), and other forms of spiritual bypassing […]

Infinite Potential: The Earth Journey

Wake Up and Remember Each of us is an extraordinary and miraculous living entity with infinite potential. It has always been this way. Our core essence is a divine spark of universal love that animates us and illumines our consciousness with insight and awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. These fundamental underlying aspects are innate […]

Four Sustainable Habits

My daughter wants to work out more, but she has a hard time forming the habit (many of you might be familiar with this problem). From having to get dressed to go to the gym, to actually going to the gym, to the thought of a hard workout … our minds tend to put off […]

The Exquisite Healer: Forgiveness

The most magical power we have is our ability to forgive. It is the exquisite healer in all of us. Forgiveness is the key to releasing any emotional baggage we have continued to carry, our outdated and outmoded perspectives, and any other attachment that keeps us bound to the past. It is the only way […]

Way to Be: Acceptance and Appreciation

The Way to Be by Leo Babauta @zen_habits Last night I received a phone call from a loved one, someone who I love deeply but have struggled with internally because I’ve been worried about his health. I want to help him, because I feel I’m losing him. I want to show him my habit method, […]