The Healing Field

healingfield When I think of how much Mark Lamm contributed through his wisdom and his touch whether personally or through his practitioners I am humbled. Mark’s brilliance will continue as his legacy lives on forever …. in the healing field of pure potential.

MARK’S VISION: To liberate people from their genetic, past and current restrictions that reside within their bodies that is recorded both physically and emotionally. The purpose is to erase or unwind trauma memory recorded and stored in connective tissues. This work — BioSync® — allows information within the body that is skewed and traumatized, to be erased forever. As one person experiences this positive change, the ripple effect extends to family, then organizations, then communities, countries and eventually the world. Eventually, through this work people, families, communities, organizations and the world will live more in pure love and realize the essence and potential of the human spirit.

MARK’S PURPOSE: I am fulfilling my destiny. This is the reason I was put on earth. The fulfillment I receive is great joy and I evolve exponentially as a human being. I grow by this awareness of all the elements in life. As people are freed from limitations this expands my own awareness and consciousness. The work is continually evolving and growing and as a result where I can go is beyond my imagination. I am a student of the experiences of life and this work is my teacher. It is like music to me.

Below is an unpublished article Mark wrote on September 18th, 2012.

There are traditional albeit transitional forces at work; however, there is also a revolution afoot! This revolution will be heralded by our understanding of the morphogenetic field in our massage and bodywork practice. This healing field has been tapped into by sages, saints, mystics and indigenous people and as we become consciously aware of this reality we can all facilitate dramatic results.

When I receive a FedEx package of client medical records with a letter from an attending physician and hospital psychologist suggesting that I am offering false hope and my” job” should solely be to encourage the acceptance of life in a wheel chair, my question to the seemingly wheelchair bound client is “what would you like?” And, if you are a parent whose child wakes up on a respirator with a cervical and lumbar break and that kid wants nothing more than to ski again, you WILL travel around the world to work with the practitioner who accepts no limits. The practitioner whose idea of potential is boundless. The practitioner who believes in miracles.

I continue to be deeply troubled that spontaneous remissions and miraculous healings are accepted in a hospital bed or operating table but scorned, ridiculed and dismissed in the massage room. Medical based/ scientific evidence based judgements of somatic potential and possibilities is molding practitioners into thoughtless entities incapable of acknowledging the magic and miracles that can and do happen in the massage and bodywork “field”.

We need to nurture and mentor a new generation of therapists who can merge the currently popular need for validation with the growing awareness of conscious, dynamic and spontaneous healing. My hope for our somatic future is a revolutionary recognition of the power of human touch as we continue to support and encourage our intuitive and spiritual understanding of healing in conjunction with medicine, science and scholarly pursuits.

Goethe’s quote conveys an essential understanding of my personal philosophy with regard to healing: “If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.” I consider client and practitioner as partners on an evolutionary path and transformational changes available in a client are directly related to the philosophy, consciousness, personal experience and skill set of the practitioner.







About Leah Lamm

As the Co-Founder of the BioSync Research Institute, Leah partnered in the development and implementation of BioSync® with her late husband and continues now with her team of BioSync® consultants and practitioners. Leah has advanced the art and science of BioSync® through tools, training, and platforms designed to promote and encourage both business and personal growth. Leah designed and formalized the BioSync® training protocol manuals. As a teacher and facilitator, she has co-lead BioSync® trainings for the last 17 years.


  1. BioSync is the LEADING EDGE — revolutionizing the way we CREATE and MAINTAIN our most important assest — our HEALTH!!!

  2. Leah Lamm says:

    Spot on Ray. That’s why Mark and his work resonates with you.

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