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There are 3 people who transformed my life: One is Mark Lamm. In the 30 plus years that I’ve worked in the field of peak performance, I’ve had the privilege of working with many master teachers. In the area of creating immediate and dramatic improvements in one’s physical body, there are none who can rival the impact of Mark Lamm’s work. Mark is my friend, mentor and model of wellness and longevity.
Tony Robbins
Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author


Cedrick Hardman on BioSyncMark is my friend, mentor and inspiration for living an active, healthy, pain free life! Faith, hope, integrity, excellence are all words that describe my experiences with Mark and his work — BioSync®. His skill and mastery in creating or opening up space to help facilitate the healing process is profound. Mark has helped me to completely understand my pain and he has truly made a “holy” difference in my life!

Cedrick Hardman
San Fransisco ’49er and Oakland Raider

Mark Lamm, an extraordinary healer and teacher, has the exceptional gift of being able to see another human’s being true physiological potential and help them achieve it. Mark’s work and the BioSync process is the real deal – it has transformed my life completely and inspired me to find the depth of flexibility, strength and energy that lies in my own physiology. Mark Lamm walks the walk, talks the talk and can help anyone get out of pain and heal themselves for the rest of their life.

Anand Chulani
Comedian and writer of FOX’s Life on a Stick

I had heard about him for many years and knew he had a special gift – the ability to potentialize, harmonize and even heal the body, mind and spirit. I knew that wheelchair bound people who wanted to walk again, professional athletes that wanted to play at their highest level, CEO’s that needed a psychological edge, diplomats that needed travel weary bodies revitalized, and even pregnant and young mothers that simply needed tired muscles and frayed nerves soothed came from the far corners of the Earth to be touched by this man.

I believe Mark was born with a powerful intuition and an innate understanding of the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of life. These inborn qualities—together with his life experience — are foundational to his character and the development of his mission. He is in service to his work rather than vice versa. His powerful but compassionate communication style and generous behavior display the humility of an authentic leader. He is also a part of the growing anti-aging movement. He is proof that physical mastery and emotional and spiritual excellence are available to anyone at any age. This somatic pioneer is a masterful practitioner of this multifaceted approach to life extension, and his work, BioSync®, should be an important part of any effective health and wellness program. Mark says that the “answer to illness is wellness” and I wholeheartedly agree.
Dr. Don Schwartz
Former Executive Director of the Trager Institute

BioSync in the Media…

If there’s a theme to today’s top pro’s pre-event preparation it’s this ongoing quest for maximum flexibility. They’re reaching for it in many different ways, from Fanning and Taylor Knox’s daily yoga and surf routines to other, more experimental paths toward optimal looseness. Like BioSync, a form of deep-massage therapy hailed by surfers like Shane Beschen, Knox and Slater.According to Beschen, it turned his life around, and was a key component in him rediscovering his top “CT-level form. Slater’s also a firm believer, saying it bridges the gap between the emotional and physical and leaves you feeling drained and reinvigorated at the same time. “If you get real intense with it,” he claims, “your body would definitely be in the best physical form it’s been in years”.