Proactive and Preventative Care

Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors Affect Ability to Heal Do you have a high stress or physically challenging job? Do you have a sleepless baby, an asthmatic child, a troubled teenager, an anxious spouse, a troubled relationship, a demanding boss, or elderly parents? At a certain stage in our lives we all begin to question how destructive […]

Aging With Spirit and Imagination

Empowering a Youthful Future as We Age I originally presented this meditation at an Anthony Robbins Life Mastery event guiding 3,000 people in discovering their youthful potential and now you can too! This powerful and simple meditation will clarify your understanding of aging. The awareness will enhance your youthfulness as you embrace the never ending […]

Bridging Heaven and Earth

We are All Responsible My childhood taught me both compassion and courage and singularly taught me that I wanted to be of service and I wanted to help people. That being said, I care about ALL people no matter their color, religion, flag, country, etc. I care that humans act as stewards of the planet. […]

Going Beyond the Label

A Body of Beliefs I sat alone in an exam room at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida buried under the diagnosis – Muscular Dystrophy. I had come to the hospital for a routine health check up and had mentioned in passing that I had occasional neck and shoulder pain and I had noticed that […]