Enhance Your Career: Foundational BioSync Workshops and Advanced Trainings

Opportunities Designed to Help You Help Others!

Our mission to create a dynamic, integral and playful learning environment exploring and experiencing BioSync as both art and science, treatment and tool, and wherein the learning interaction is one of mutuality between the student and 2012 World Massage Hall of Fame inductee, Mark Lamm. We have found these certification programs to be an organic and innovative learning process providing powerful principles, concepts, tools and techniques, mentoring and support that will enrich your private and professional practice.

Find the BioSync Program that is Right for YOU!

If you are seeking a new skill set for your professional tool box or simply wanting to help family and friends feel better, you will learn how the BioSync Methods can provide quicker and more effective results with less stress on you! Join our community, attending workshops and trainings to broaden your skills, knowledge, experience and mastery as a health professional or dedicated caregiver.

Discover the PRICELESS Value of Continuing Education

We guarantee the ongoing experience and knowledge you’ll acquire will continue to provide your clients long-term benefits for years to come, changing lives, for the better, forever. The experience and knowledge you will acquire is PRICELESS! What sets these trainings and workshops apart from other, similar programs is the fact that there are simply no other seminars like it!

NOTE:  These are the only programs authorized by the BioSync Research Institute.

BioSync Practitioner Workshops
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Barefoot Workshop

Whether you’re a Mom looking to help “growing pains” with your children, a yoga teacher or pilates instructor wanting to help students further progress to significant others wanting to work with each other or even an established bodyworker, massage therapist or sports therapist looking for another tool in your toolbox — this is a GREAT workshop!

iCore Workshop

This program is for you if you are serious about taking your current practice to the next level and having a bigger impact on your client’s health and well being. The BioSync iCore practitioner is trained in a formal internal organ protocol so that the practitioner works the entire abdominal viscera in a systematic pattern in each session.

BioSync Consultant Trainings
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Consultant Certification and Equipment Training

This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from 2012 Massage Hall of Fame Inductee, Mark Lamm, over a six day period. This program offers the massage, sports and physical therapists, rolfer and structural integrator a consultant certification and proprietary equipment that sets them apart in the eyes of clients, peers and referral sources. The time that you will spend with him will be intensive, interactive and experiential so not only will you become fluent in the “language” of the body; but, by “seeing”, “doing” and “receiving” you will also see results fast!

As a BioSync consultant you will learn a dramatically effective methodology which is a revolutionary new paradigm in bodywork and you will acquire tools which can deeply change and improve the lives of others. It is an empowering, enjoyable experience and you will gain a sense of completion and leave more capable and confident as a certified BioSync consultant.

BioSync Advanced Training

This training will further enrich the Consultant’s skills learned in the Professional program as well as provide a further and more profound repertoire of intuitive instruction in BioSync.
You must have successfully completed the BioSync Equipment Training and have an active BioSync practice for at least one year.

BioSync Master Training

This is a unique blend of inner exploration for deepening yourself and outer development for growing your practice, while continuing to develop even greater skill and mastery.
You must have attended the BioSync Equipment Training and successfully completed the Advanced Training program.


BioSync Mentor/Apprentice™ Program for BioSync Barefoot™

BioSync Teacher Training

Attaining your BioSync Barefoot Instructor Training is the perfect start to a successful journey as a certified BioSync teacher.  The BioSync Mentor/Apprentice™ Program will help to translate all of the knowledge and private practice experience you’ve gained and help you understand how to apply it in the classroom.

Co-teaching support and mentoring is the next critical phase as you log the teaching hours (75 hour minimum) that are required to become a Certified BioSync Barefoot™ Instructor. Private practice is one thing, but the chance to develop as an instructor with BioSync Co-Founder, Leah Lamm, acting as the mentor/co-teacher is invaluable. This program is designed to develop and/or broaden your existing teaching skills. The program will crystallize the practical applications of moving from practitioner to apprentice to teacher creating a well-rounded BioSync instructor.

Please review the Mentor/Apprentice and Co-Op Share pdfs for additional information.

Workshop Testimonials
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Our Commitment to Excellence

These testimonials and endorsements provide deeper insight into the mentoring and support received as well as our dedication to delivering relevant and inspiring Somatic Education through the BioSync Research Institute workshops and trainings.

BioSync is one workshop every massage or physical therapist interested in taking their skills to the next level needs and deserves. Mark’s passion and commitment to his work as well as his energy, intuition and wisdom purely demonstrates that he is a true and humble leader in the healing arts. Mark has changed that way I evaluate and work with a client and I know it will have a huge impact professionally.
Glenn Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada

This was the single most valuable seminar I have ever attended. I was already a successful Structural Integration teacher and this work brought me out of a comfort zone and provided an environment to become even more skilled, more confidant and laser focused with the use of Chi! I couldn’t wait to get back home and work with my clients!
Ryan Higginson
Salt Lake City, Utah

Mark, you are a phenomenal person and teacher. You have a shining soul that beautiful expresses itself in the work that you’ve created and now teach.
Thank you!

Shelley Martin
Atlantic Beach, New York

Mark teaches both the skills and concepts to confidently work with clients.
Erin Nevin
Malibu, California

Mark does more than teach you another technique. He changes your life.
Mike Smith
Dana Point, California

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Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork
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The Anatomy Coloring Book Second Edition
…..by Wynn Kapit

Emotional Anatomy
…..by Stanley Keleman

Realism: A Study in Human Structural Anatomy
…..by Carol Edwards, Brenda Grosenick

The Educated Heart: Professional Boundaries for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers
…..by Nina McIntosh
Dr. Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy
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The Ethics of Caring: Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationships
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Work Less, Make More
…..by Jennifer White

Get Slightly Famous:Become a Celebrity in Your Field …
…..by Steven Van Yoder


Hosting a BioSync Workshop
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Enriching the Therapist Experience

Exposure to different somatic modalities and other ancient healing traditions are becoming part of progressive massage and bodywork schools while enjoying profound acceptance in the mainstream healing community.

This is a wonderful collaborative opportunity for your organization to provide continuing education experiences at your venue. Bring these innovative skill sets to broaden the perception and perspective of your current students and graduates approach to whole body wellness. Experience either BioSync Barefoot or BioSync iCore from 2012 Massage Hall of Fame inductee Mark Lamm.

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