Healthy, Happy, Productive Habits

Top Habits of Healthy, Happy, Productive PeopleAdopting the top habits of healthy, happy and productive people will affect your biochemistry. There is no question when you’re healthy, you’re happy. And when you’re happy it’s easy to be productive. These seven positive changes nurture health, foster happiness and promote productivity. Try one. Try them all. They work. Science says so according to Jeff Haden, contributing editor of Inc.

  1. Practice an Attitude of Gratitude
  2. Take Action
  3. Exercise in Fresh Air
  4. Laugh
  5. Don’t Just Talk – Listen
  6. Give Back
  7. Surround Yourself with Other Happy People

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy, happy, and productive in a nut shell! Share these top habits with a friend so everyone maintains a fabulously spunky, competent world.

The Top Habits of Healthy, Happy, Productive People

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