Self Care between BioSync Sessions

Big wave surfer, avid yogi and BioSync consultant, Gray Richards, hosts this episode of Health Nuts on and shares tips and maintenance tools for self care between BioSync sessions. Self Myofascial Massage – Health Nuts from on Vimeo Related articles Basic Structural Alignment Whole Body Stretching Exercise Smart The Tao of Surfing Those […]

Cedrick Hardman on BioSync

A Game Changer for Me! Let me start by saying Mark is my friend, mentor and inspiration for living an active, healthy, pain free life — those three words take on “holy” significance when you factor in a 13 year pro football career with speed hits, injuries and surgeries that when you’re younger are simply […]

Revolutionary Running

5 Finger Shoes and the Mid-Foot Strike by John Wall @johnjwall Recently I’ve been talking with a number of people about my “crazy shoes” and about technique with a number of runners. Ever since I ran the Boston Marathon in 2002 I’ve had trouble with my left knee, a common runners injury called IBS. As […]

Insults and Injuries

The Effects of Memories on the Body Everything that has ever occurred since the beginning of time is NOW is a recorded memory. There’s no doubt that every insult and injury — and memories of such — uniquely and collectively affect us. And, since most of us don’t suffer from amnesia, we need to strive […]

Tennis Anyone?

Gravity is the unseen, powerful force that is with us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, holding us on the planet Earth. As we become active on a flat surface, gravity is intensified, and joint and intervertebral spaces are compressed, creating pressure, wear on cartilage, bone lining and surrounding connective tissue. Tennis is […]

Historical Trauma Patterns

Storing and Stacking Life Experiences We are not our traumas yet most people live their entire lives through insult and injury – through the filter of physical and emotional wounds – which, when left untreated, creates a continuing loop of dysfunction. It is my belief that everyone on the planet carries with them the psycho-emotional-spiritual […]

The BioSync Difference: 5 Key Components

  BioSync® is a uniquely different form of somatic bodywork because it directly addresses various types of pain that the body experiences by releasing the way insult and injuries are stored and stacked in the body. Below, are the five key components that make up the BioSync difference: Stored Trauma Patterns BioSync is a proactive […]

Indispensable Pain Relief

Coaches, athletes, celebrities, artists, diplomats and corporate executives have found BioSync indispensable for pain relief, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and maintaining their competitive edge. BioSync is for everyone, from those who have experienced physical injuries to those who feel the everyday effects of stress, to those who simply wish to experience living life to the […]