The Healing Field

When I think of how much Mark Lamm contributed through his wisdom and his touch whether personally or through his practitioners I am humbled. Mark’s brilliance will continue as his legacy lives on forever …. in the healing field of pure potential. MARK’S VISION: To liberate people from their genetic, past and current restrictions that […]

Turn Bad Stress into Good Stress

5 Keys To Hacking Your Stress by Scott Grossberg @sgrossberg The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. Sydney J. Harris You’ve been pushing and prodding and making your way in the world. Now . . . I just want you to take some time to relax. That’s right. Right here […]

Express Your Feelings and Desires

9 Great Reasons for Getting Creative (No Artistic Experience Needed) by Cherie Roe Dirksen @cheriedirksen Why Should I Bother with Creativity? I’m going to answer that question with another question. What better way to gift yourself than to spend some quality time expressing your inner feelings and desires? Creativity is for everyone, not just arts and crafters. […]

The Many Definitions of Stress

Positive Stress Management and Gratitude by Chris G’Froerer There are many definitions of stress and many causes of it. The word stress has become the buzz word for our modern times, and though we all use the word stress, we are often referring to many different things such as a feeling, emotion, behaviour or our […]

Health and Wellness Partners

We Are ALL Alchemists! I am not a big fan of the word ‘healer’. If you cut yourself, no one can heal except you! When someone looks outside themselves for healing they give up autonomy, empowerment and responsibility. The relationship between ‘healer’ and ‘healee’ is a no-win situation. The ‘healer’ has the untenable position of […]

Emotional Anatomy

Storage of Psychological, Emotional and Physical Traumas My truth/perception/bias is based on my life experiences; so, let me start by stating, at this moment in my life, what I believe to be true… I believe that the Bio-Computer we call our body stores dysfunctional information as psychological, emotional and physical trauma within connective tissue. Inside […]

Trauma Anatomy

  The Holographic Imprint of Injuries and Insults It is believed that the brain receives a holographic imprint of a trauma event and that the simultaneous recording of that event is stored in the body’s tissue. When there is a stimulus that replicates any part of the original trauma event, the brain, functioning as a […]

Self Care between BioSync Sessions

Big wave surfer, avid yogi and BioSync consultant, Gray Richards, hosts this episode of Health Nuts on and shares tips and maintenance tools for self care between BioSync sessions. Self Myofascial Massage – Health Nuts from on Vimeo Related articles Basic Structural Alignment Whole Body Stretching Exercise Smart The Tao of Surfing Those […]