Compassion vs Dysfunction

Only the Broken Wave Knows the Ocean by Robert Augustus Masters / @RobertMasters Paralleling and distracting us from our suffering is an abundance of dysfunction in spiritual drag. This includes spiritualized greed (think so-called prosperity consciousness), spiritualized escapism (dissociation masquerading as transcendence), spiritualized narcissism (the you-can-have-it-all deification of me-ness), and other forms of spiritual bypassing […]

The Energy of Unconditional Love

Evolving through Love Unconditional love is a magnificent energy when unleashed and used, yet it is often hidden within the confines of our innermost self. Few have cultivated this enormous power and used it for universal good. Such love when thought, felt and expressed by any person, automatically raises the experience for the whole of […]

The Biological Benefits of Drumming

Try Drumming for Better Health  by Linda Buch Photo by Martha Riley Binford Q: I recently saw a wonderful movie, “The Visitor,” where the main character is changed emotionally by getting into drumming. I have heard about “drum circles” and how healing they can be. Any information on this would be appreciated. — J.G., Denver, […]

Medicine and Spirituality

How Spirituality and Health are Linked by Pamir Kiciman / @gassho There are four important areas to discuss in understanding the link between spirituality and better health or wellness: Medicine’s interest in spirituality What is spirituality and spiritual health Spiritual dimension of health Health benefits of spirituality Medicine’s interest in spirituality If ‘health’ is understood […]

Shifting Paradigms

Throwing Open the Doors of Perception The gift of choice lies in the freedom to change at any moment our beliefs and behaviors. The gap between stimulus and response is potential — it’s where choice is made. It’s been estimated that we are using much less than 10% of potential; so, we have a great […]