Instructor Trainings

Taking Your Private Practice into the Classroom!

As a BioSync Instructor you will represent the valuable and powerful work developed by founder, Mark Lamm. The BioSync Instructor is more than a teacher. You are a leader. Excellence is demanded in the performance of these roles – teaching of Mark Lamm’s philosophy, protocols and practices.

Mark Lamm developed and positioned the BioSync therapy modalities to become the preeminent force within the somatic field, the integrative medicine movement and the human potential movement. It is our vision to create a dynamic and transformative environment wherein participants explore BioSync trainings and workshops as practical hands-on learning of the art and science of energetic healing. The greater mission of the BioSync Research Institute is to develop and educate health professionals to serve the public with care and compassion. This organization stands for health, healing and contributing the BioSync techniques to promote whole body wellness and well being.

NOTE: These are the only programs authorized by the BioSync Research Institute.

BioSync Mentor/Apprentice™ Program for BioSync Barefoot™

BioSync Teacher Training

Attaining your BioSync Barefoot Instructor Training is the perfect start to a successful journey as a certified BioSync teacher. The BioSync Mentor/Apprentice™ Program will help to translate all of the knowledge and private practice experience you’ve gained and help you understand how to apply it in the classroom.

Co-teaching support and mentoring is the next critical phase as you log the teaching hours (75 hour minimum) that are required to become a Certified BioSync Barefoot™ Instructor. Private practice is one thing, but the chance to develop as an instructor with BioSync Co-Founder, Leah Lamm, acting as the mentor/co-teacher is invaluable. This program is designed to develop and/or broaden your existing teaching skills. The program will crystallize the practical applications of moving from practitioner to apprentice to teacher creating a well-rounded BioSync instructor.

Please review the Mentor/Apprentice and Co-Op Share pdfs for additional information.

Hosting a BioSync Workshop
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Enriching the Therapist Experience

Exposure to different somatic modalities and other ancient healing traditions are becoming part of progressive massage and bodywork schools while enjoying profound acceptance in the mainstream healing community.

This is a wonderful collaborative opportunity for your organization to provide continuing education experiences at your venue. Bring these innovative skill sets to broaden the perception and perspective of your current students and graduates approach to whole body wellness. Experience either BioSync Barefoot or BioSync iCore from 2012 Massage Hall of Fame inductee Mark Lamm‘s certified instructors.

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