Cedrick Hardman on BioSync

A Game Changer for Me!

Cedrick Hardman on BioSync

Last Man Standing

Let me start by saying Mark is my friend, mentor and inspiration for living an active, healthy, pain free life — those three words take on “holy” significance when you factor in a 13 year pro football career with speed hits, injuries and surgeries that when you’re younger are simply part of the game but as you age become the aches and pains and depression that prevent you from fully enjoying God’s world.

When I first met Mark Lamm, I was in dire need of help and healing. It was back in 1988 when serious issues with the C-5 vertebrae resulted in a temporary state of paralysis. I was forced to walk around with my chin resting on my chest because when I held my head straight, the pressure and compression I experienced could eventually paralyze my whole left side. After seeing four different doctors — all who told me I would need surgery to relieve the pressure/compression, free the nerve and prevent permanent paralysis — I was in a serious state of depression. I instinctively knew that if I let someone operate my neck, back, body and life would never be the same.

A mutual chiropractic friend brought Mark and I together. This was in the early stages of Mark’s integral healing service (notice I didn’t say practice) minus the therapy equipment he has evolved into today. In an empty room with nothing but a chair and a mat my healing began. He worked on me for almost three hours ― examining and assessing every part of my battered body EXCEPT the C-5 vertebrae. We met again a week later and the same process was repeated ― working over my entire body. Each time staying away from the C-5. On our fourth meeting, after repeating the same process, he ended by putting the C-5 back where it belonged. The principle thinking was “let’s make sure everything else is functioning properly before we go to the place where you think you feel the pain is manifest”.

Signing autographs at Mark’s house although Tyler seemed more thrilled with his autographed Bam Margera Element board!

I have learned much from Mark over the years but perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that the point of pain is usually not the origin! Hence the description of his healing — connective tissue work. The whole body is connected with tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscles etc. and Mark’s intuitive understanding of kinesiology gives him an ability to heal that is unsurpassed.

Aging is nothing but COMPRESSION. This is a Mark Lamm proverb! His skill and mastery in creating or opening up space to help facilitate the natural healing process for neck and back pain is profound as many of my football buddies that I’ve brought to see Mark will attest. Interestingly, Mark has helped me to completely understand that my back pain originated in the abdominal viscera and the psoas work that he did has made the “holy” difference in my life!

Faith, hope, integrity, excellence these are all words that describe my experiences with Mark and his work — BioSync®. Oh, and I don’t want to leave out “Princess” Leah — I love ya darlin’!

Note from Mark Lamm
Cedrick has been my friend and client for more than twenty years! He is a storyteller and a social philosopher who just happened to be one bad ass football player! He was a walk-on at North Texas State University where he played college football and was drafted ninth pick overall in the first round of the 1970 NFL draft by the San Francisco 49ers. Ced is still the current all-time sack leader for the San Francisco 49ers, recording more than 100 sacks; a two-time Pro Bowler and a member of the Oakland Raiders Super Bowl XV winning team.

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