The BioSync Difference: 5 Key Components


BioSync® is a uniquely different form of somatic bodywork because it directly addresses various types of pain that the body experiences by releasing the way insult and injuries are stored and stacked in the body. Below, are the five key components that make up the BioSync difference:

Stored Trauma Patterns
BioSync is a proactive and preventative way to address persistent patterns of tension, chronic discomfort, acute pain, habitual stress, conditioned beliefs and acquired patterns of aging resulting in restorative and lasting wellness.

Event Related Trauma
BioSync releases trauma patterns by accessing the body’s natural blueprint thereby restoring the body to its intended healthy expression.

• Acute, single impact macro-trauma
• Overuse, repetitive tissue micro-trauma
• Micro tears, capillary breaks, discoloration
• Pain, swelling, bruising
• Contraction, shortening of connective tissue
• Reduction of joint space
• Compression of spinal vertebrae
• Nerve impingement
• Depression

The Misalignment of Nerve Cells
BioSync releases the stored trauma memory encouraging realignment of nerve cells thereby restoring full functionality. Specifically, proprioceptor cells which are nerves that provide the body with the information and direction about body position and spatial alignment. Proprioceptors remember stored trauma, or “muscle memory” and then attempt to protect the body from further damage or injury thus inhibiting movement and function. Proprioceptors keep a “soft cast” in place creating a “chronic muscle splint” that stays in place long after the injury has apparently healed.

The Collagen Cross-Linking of Tissue
BioSync provides a way to break up collagen cross-linking and restore natural length and flexibility in the tissue. As collagen binds to injured tissues to protect the muscles from further damage it inhibits the body’s unlinking enzymes from performing their function of restoration and healing creating an adverse effect on blood circulation and lymph drainage. Additionally, this biochemical handcuffing of tissue is a contributing factor to the aging process.

Chi Energy and the BioSync Technique
BioSync consultants and practitioners, use the Universal Healing Spiral, commonly referred to as Chi
 which is necessary to effect positive and permanent change in tissue holding. Chi is intrinsic energy that unites the mind and body and energizes the cells to access our true strength and healing potential. Chi is the ordering principle of life and is present in and around all of us for the restoration of mobility, function and energy in the body and to harness as a healing tool. Chi allows for the application of power with no undue physical force and is generated by intention through proper body position and focus.


About Mark Lamm

Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.

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