Historical Trauma Patterns

Storing and Stacking Life Experiences

We are not our traumas yet most people live their entire lives through insult and injury – through the filter of physical and emotional wounds – which, when left untreated, creates a continuing loop of dysfunction.

It is my belief that everyone on the planet carries with them the psycho-emotional-spiritual burdens of trauma. Specifically, over the course of time, we experience conditioned patterns of tension, habitual stress, chronic pain and persistent anxiety which are all expressions of already established body/mind patterns. These patterns historically repeat themselves and again become insults and injuries to our physical and energetic bodies (this is the storing and stacking of trauma) and until they are released continue to dominate and rule our lives.

Stresses you long ago forgot on the conscious level are still sending out signals, like buried microchips, making you anxious, tense, fatigued, apprehensive, resentful…these reactions cross the mind-body barrier to become part of you.
Deepak Chopra

Whenever there is an external or internal stimuli that replicates facets of an original trauma, the recorded pattern is reinforced. Trauma whether historical or current become the references that shape our beliefs and behaviors. When a pattern is stimulated, the person becomes reactive, compulsive and is in a disempowered cycle – a victim state.

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These traumas, experienced by violence, accident and work or sport related injuries are reflections and reinforcements of existing historical patterns. Every trauma is recorded in the body and has an emotional counterpart experienced and stored at the moment the traumatic event occurred.

Storage of trauma in the body is dysfunctional in nature and based on survival and protection rather than on thriving and expansion.

By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own transformation.
Caroline Myss

Through BioSync® an opportunity exists to explore the ever expanding realm of possibilities and potential and to experience just what can happen when self created barriers of mind and body traumas are ameliorated. So, what emotional traumas are keeping you from truly experiencing a joyous life free from past grief and sorrow? What physical traumas are preventing you from leading an active life free from injury and pain? BioSync presents an integral method for resolving patterns of trauma and facilitating the integration of the mind, body and emotions. Historical trauma, once addressed, should only be a memory and reference for living fully in the present.

Are you free to move through time not hindered by your past?

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Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.


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