Bridging Heaven and Earth

We are All Responsible

My childhood taught me both compassion and courage and singularly taught me that I wanted to be of service and I wanted to help people. That being said, I care about ALL people no matter their color, religion, flag, country, etc. I care that humans act as stewards of the planet. I care that people are starving. I care that Jamie Oliver is creating a food revolution. And, I am acutely aware that there is a conscious revolution happening around the world in politics, environmentalism, science, religious freedoms, gender equality…..

For now, we live in a physical, biological and social world and we are ALL responsible for our actions and inactions. And, finally I believe that we are ALL responsible for caring INDISCRIMINATELY ― Bridging Heaven and Earth!

Kudos for Mark Lamm and the BH&E Interview

There are 3 people who transformed my life: One is Mark Lamm. In the 30 plus years that I’ve worked in the field of peak performance, I’ve had the privilege of working with many master teachers. In the area of creating immediate and dramatic improvements in one’s physical body, there are none who can rival the impact of Mark Lamm’s work .
~ Anthony Robbins, Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Mark is my friend, mentor and inspiration for living an active, healthy, pain free life! Faith, hope, integrity, excellence are all words that describe my experiences with Mark and his work — BioSync®. His skill and mastery in creating or opening up space to help facilitate the healing process is profound. Mark has helped me to completely understand my pain and he has truly made a “holy” difference in my life!
~ Cedrick Hardman, San Fransisco ’49er and Oakland Raider

Mark Lamm, an extraordinary healer and teacher, has the exceptional gift of being able to see another human’s being true physiological potential and help them achieve it. Mark’s work and the BioSync process is the real deal – it has transformed my life completely and inspired me to find the depth of flexibility, strength and energy that lies in my own physiology. Mark Lamm walks the walk, talks the talk and can help anyone get out of pain and heal themselves for the rest of their life.
~ Anand Chulani, Comedian and writer of FOX’s Life on a Stick

For those who have experienced the brilliance of Mark Lamm’s work or are curious about BioSync here’s a recent interview he did. Congratulations Mark. You’re one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever met.
~ Deb Battersby, Author and creator of the emMatrix Method

About Mark Lamm

Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.

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