The Energy of Unconditional Love

The Energy of Unconditional LoveEvolving through Love

Unconditional love is a magnificent energy when unleashed and used, yet it is often hidden within the confines of our innermost self. Few have cultivated this enormous power and used it for universal good. Such love when thought, felt and expressed by any person, automatically raises the experience for the whole of this planet and beyond. This power of love is always constructive and can harm no one, so why are we afraid of this magical power?

We are living in a time where the greatest changes known to man are occurring throughout the planet. Never before in recorded time has so much opportunity availed itself directly to us as we have before us now. Change is happening at an exponential rate through things like information and technology that outpace our ability to grasp and place it in use. These days are critical to our evolutionary process.

The old traditions and ways of living are giving way to the new. Where we attempt to hold on, pain, suffering, and fear, become the experience. When we choose not to listen to the inner voice of change, we reap the results of our stubbornness. Ignorance can never be true bliss as all life evolves and we are a part of this evolution. Either through fear or love, we must move forward in life.

Where we choose to grow through love, we experience the beauty of life fulfilled and any energy less than love is also felt with extraordinary impact. It is up to each of us to make the most of our time. The physical world as we know it is progressing at a rate only love can comprehend. If we wish to survive [and thrive] upon this planet in peace and joy, we must first accept and cultivate these qualities in our personal worlds.

Each moment we get to choose how we wish to perceive and experience our reality. In the countless daily decisions, we cast our energy forth to create according to our innermost pictures. The hopes, dreams, fears and doubts, all go on their way to form the parameters and manifestations of their creator. We literally walk through the illusion and expression of our own creation.

To us, the outer world appears incredibly real and tangible. It seems so real in fact, as to make us believe it is permanent and complete. Just a brief moment of reflection though reminds us this is really not true. Although the form is before us, it can be destroyed, changed, or removed instantly. Similarly, new forms can come into use at the speed of light. By its very nature, the physical world is a temporary manifestation. Physical life is ever changing and responds to the energy directed to it and through it.

Whether we consider our careers, relationships, homes, governments, or environment, nothing is static. Each daily encounter with people or things is an opportunity to choose the quality of energy we wish to send forth. These are simply our experiences and they provide the lessons and teachings to help us go higher and understand our ability to create. How we act and react in every now moment determines what direction our lives are taking.

When we stay attached and focused on the outer world of form, we feel the struggle and strain as change occurs. We hold on to these old beliefs and perspectives to maintain security and stability even though this also impedes our awakening to new ideas, possibilities, decisions and therefore, new realities. When we eventually decide to detach, we learn to listen to the wisdom of our Higher Self and flow with the steps necessary to pursue our dreams.

Through consistent and direct effort on our part, we can learn how to bring the very best of ourselves to the surface. We can become the limitless potential that resides within our heart. As we get to know ourselves, the strengths and weakness become the possibilities in life. The struggles of yesterday become the opportunities of today. With our scepter of love, wisdom, and power, we go forth conquering our limitations in a steady rhythmic fashion. Transcending our lives through unconditional love, we lift ourselves and our world into the highest expressions of delight.

By contemplating our divine nature and the qualities inherent within our being, we contact and draw these vibrant expressions forth. As we focus on the angels that we are, we become this wondrous energy in action. This energy then reminds us of the life force and beauty within everyone and everything. When we see no more separation, then the boundless quality of unconditional love becomes our sole expression.

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