Emotional Anatomy

Insults and Injuries

Storage of Psychological, Emotional and Physical Traumas

My truth/perception/bias is based on my life experiences; so, let me start by stating, at this moment in my life, what I believe to be true…

I believe that the Bio-Computer we call our body stores dysfunctional information as psychological, emotional and physical trauma within connective tissue. Inside our computer body is a grid system, which could be compared to a circuit board. At different locations in this circuit board of connective tissue is the storage of trauma memory thus the term emotional anatomy.

I also believe in our inherent ability to tap into higher resources and into an archetypal blueprint of pure potential to erase this genetic storehouse of recorded insult and injury.

I believe that life starts with an informational seed atom and that we are spirit manifesting in a physical body. This seed atom or source molecule, consisting of chromosomal bundles of spirals (helixes) with unique arrangement codings (identities) creates the molecular structure of the body.

This informational grid encompasses generational data including programs of function and dysfunction from both the mother’s and father’s genealogical lines. You could call this your microchip; and, contained within this chip, is the blueprint of your structure, organs, glands, and everything else that makes up your body. As you grow from fetus to adulthood, this inherent program directs the process chronologically and could be likened to the acorn/oak tree genesis.

Coming from the seed atom to fetus and birth, the being has no specific references to this planet or society. An interesting article in the New York Times, A Writer Traces Illnesses Back to the Womb, provides additional insight. All behavior is based on genetic patterns and survival instinct. It is after this time that the child learns a language, a name, identity, and a whole set of behaviors that are the basis for personality.

Besides the biological patterns that are transmigrational (patterns transferred through ancestral genes), the being creates additional belief systems through trauma and conditioning by parents, peers, and society. The being then develops an identity with their trauma patterns and believes that they are their patterns. This creates, in effect, a trance or a hypnotic state of function which is disempowering.

Again, it is my belief that in connective tissue, the storage of insult and injury is a holographic recording of the particular trauma. The composition of connective tissue consists of protein fibers spiraled into a helix (braid). One of it’s functions is to serve as a matrix, analogous to a spider web, to create the form aspect of the body, and as, the name implies, connect everything together. About 25% of the body’s protein is collagen.

Collagen is considered to be the mortar of the cells. When ideally functioning, it does not interfere with connective tissue segments sliding freely past each other. Due to numerous causes, especially trauma, collagen will bind across tissue, much like horizontal lines of a fish net, to shorten, tighten and restrict range of motion in the body. This process is referred to as Glycation or collagen cross-linking (see the Handcuffing of Soft Tissue) .

For each physical holding (distortion) there is a parallel psycho-emotional counterpart. Since the body is a total functioning unit these psycho-emotional states affect and interact with each other to become complex or synthesized. The trauma can be transgenerational (the transference of ancestral patterns) or present life time, which becomes the reference (frequency and information) to shape our belief and responses.


Trauma storage is dysfunctional in nature and generally based on survival and fear rather than thriving and expansion. The stimuli that kick in trauma memory can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a synthesized combination of all of these modes. Since the stimuli affect the programs, they are mostly unable to be filtered out by the conscious mind.

Besides chronological time, force of gravity, stress and pollution whenever there is an external or internal stimuli that replicates facets of the original trauma the recorded program is reinforced and layered in, eventually creating armora defensive cover that expresses as tight tissue or padding – causing shortening, thickening and possible cross-linking of connective tissue thereby physically decreasing range of motion, flexibility and function.

Insurance actuaries state that the average person shrinks 4 to 6 inches in a lifetime of approximately 75 years. This shrinkage and compression reduces organ space, joint space and internal functions, thereby shutting the whole system down.

The awareness of frequencies (analog) and information (digital), as trauma held in connective tissue, is the cornerstone of the work that I developed over the last 40 plus years — BioSync® — which unwinds the dysfunctional data loops (trauma memory) held in the tissue of the Bio-Computer. When a trauma recording is kicked in by a stimulus — a mental, emotional or physical button gets pressed — the being becomes reactive, compulsive and is in a victim cycle of disempowerment. (see Are You Caught in a Time Warp)

BioSync’s aim is to resolve this trauma or victor/victim cycle (eliminating buttons) thereby allowing the being to be empowered and free to make choices. Each trauma, recorded in the body, has an emotional counterpart experienced and stored at the moment the traumatic event happened. This trauma counterpart releases when the tissue releases. Sometimes discernible by client and practitioner, sometimes not, depending on the particular syntax (pattern of processing) of the individual client.

BluePrintThe Bio-Computer, along with everything that’s been created, has a source or blueprint of information and frequency. Recognizing this ideal behind the perceived manifestation is to understand the meaning of Archetypal patterns. The BioSync consultant recognizes the blueprint of ideal functioning as existent and underlying individual genetic makeup, therefore allowing the possibility of higher resources, since they already exist and never have to be created.

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The more we are able to tap into this vast potential, the more we will benefit. Opening to the original blueprint of the Bio-Computer can mean accessing states of pro-generation or use of potential never experienced before as areas in the body which are shut down are vitalized.

The being’s Bio-Computer hardware and software function together. This means that the physical shape that manifests determines the resources or non-resources used. As in all animal life, being erect, open, expansive is more functional than drooping, hanging and collapsing. This is evident in the pecking order of animals where the dominant animals carry themselves more erect and open and the submissive ones do not exhibit the same physiology.

Awareness of the interplay of different phases of functioning in an individual is a great asset to any practitioner as these are the elements of Transactional Consciousness that are inherent in human interaction.

  • The Child is the life force, the being, and the essence of play and joy.
  • The Adult represents wisdom of experience, consciousness and the ability to create and expand.
  • The Parent used lovingly, gives form and shape to the totality.

Each of these phases has a purpose if used in balance and therefore has import. BioSync frees the Child, fosters the evolution of the Adult, and allows the Parent to lovingly support the process.

Excerpt from the BioSync Somatic Education Professional Training Program Manual.
©1995 Mark Lamm and ©2006. All rights reserved.

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Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.


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