Comfort Zones vs Creative Zones

Creating Your Compelling Vision

Have you ever returned to a familiar comfort zone or continued to meet needs in a way that you knew intellectually were really quite tragic? Have you ever tried to make changes for yourself and over time found yourself right back at the very same place you started from?

Unfortunately, there is a very real sense of false security in comfort zones which does make it harder to change since our body/mind is invested in the protection or validation of a particularly significant thought, event or trauma (see Historical Trauma Patterns).

It is true, that there are obstacles and beliefs that create resistance to change; but, rather than fighting an existing belief and thereby empowering it, the liberating idea/movement is to identify and engage the belief or state you want to manifest.

If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.
Les Brown

This then leads to the question — how do we truly change? Well, to create permanent versus temporary change we must claim the desire or need and develop a compelling vision. That being said, I want to share a conscious exercise that has made a remarkable and powerful contribution in my life! This dramatically simple process provides the necessary tools to create your compelling vision and reframe your comfort zone into  a creative zone that fits the life enhancing desire/need you want to achieve.

Let’s start: Sit comfortably with the spine straight. Now imagine placing an empty glass globe in each palm. To begin, gaze into the globe of your dominant hand and start to visualize or dream about everything you wish to be and manifest and create.

Fill this dominant globe with living color, in a sense creating a dazzling motion picture of your needs and desires. Continue to infuse this globe with even more energy as you saturate this vision/need with color and light. Next, you’ll want to step into the globe and into the imagery, feeling the motion picture or conscious daydream that you’ve created. Revel in the expansive joy, awareness, and freedom of this globe as you become the realized center of your universe for this moment in time.

Quickly, turn your attention to the globe in your non-dominant hand. In this globe you will want to place and imagine every bit of lack or negativity that is manifesting currently. View this globe in black and white without delay because there’s no need to tarry in dullness!

Now for the good stuff! Imagine an accordion like bridge, arching across and spanning the distance between your present state black and white globe and your desired state living color globe. Once you’ve built this bridge, bring your hands together at your heart, collapsing the bridge and allowing the globes to become one.

Voilà! You’ve just taken a resourceful leap into your creative zone ─ a path to positively influencing your future. One of my greatest mentors, Yogi Bhajan, was very found of saying “it’s a do it yourself job” and it most definitely is indeed!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Neale Donald Walsch

I am deeply interested in and committed to making transformational changes forwards and backwards in time and greatly enjoyed Robert Lanza’s Huffpost Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn’t Set in Stone. I also highly recommend the book Adventures with Time Lines by Bob G. Bodenhamer and L. Michael Hall.


So now that you’ve developed a compelling vision, do yourself a huge favor and keep it to yourself!

Here’s an enlightening TED Talk explaining the potency of containment and why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them. So, by not seeking external validation, the energy of your BIG idea or dream stays in you and the creative power of your vision is retained!

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Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.


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