Perceptions and Responses

John Eagle, Laguna Beach Artist

Becoming The Observer of Life Experiences

Everything that has ever occurred since the beginning of time is NOW a recorded memory.

If I have amnesia and no language to express my life experiences, relationships and memories only then am I the pure OBSERVER of REALITY with no self identity and no idea or expression of blame, shame, judgement or criticism to shape and give name to my perceptions.

There’s no doubt that memories effect us and since most of us don’t suffer from amnesia, we need to strive to develop the purest sense of reality given our genetic/cultural identity; biological predispositions; and, conscious and unconscious participation in familial, community and global patterns.

As we move into appreciation and empathy, peaceful possibilities open up that can strengthen, enhance or even shift a condition, context, event or current viewpoint and bring clarity. It’s our perceptions and responses to our own memories that is capable of being reframed and functionally expressed.

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.
Gabriel García Márquez

Each person is empowered with the ability to choose a compelling vision and desired state or risk being marginalized into a pigeon hole of (dys)function — it’s not about projecting through our filters it’s about breaking them so that we don’t repeat the same conflicts in ourselves, in our families and in the world!

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