Cultivating a Relationship with Yourself

The Path to Self Empowerment

It takes courage to leave behind the projections, prognoses and prophecies of other people and blaze your own trail!

Cultivating an authentic relationship with yourself requires mindfulness and compassion. Be kind to yourself and your body — releasing negative behavior and thoughts is the healthy first step. Start now by forgiving yourself …

To gaze at yourself is a joyous and poignant; eye opening and secretive; promising and sobering plunge into self-awareness. Here is a simple, powerful, emotional and soul stirring exercise from Barbara Maciniak’s Path of Empowerment: To cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, take time everyday -morning and evening- to sit or stand in front of a mirror for five to ten minutes for an intimate eye-to-eye appointment with yourself. Gaze steadily into your eyes, and maintaining direct eye contact, open your heart and tell yourself that you love you. Repeat the phrase “I love you” aloud as you continue to look deeply into the mirror’s reflection of your eyes.

Call to ACTION!

Everyday we have the opportunity to explore the ever-expanding realm of possibilities and potential — epiphanies happen and paradigms shift for those who are seeking change consciously. Be brave, be strong and keep your spirit high! It takes time to break bad habits and to develop healthy habits. Consistency is the key. Commit to and share your experiences after 30, 60, 90 and 120 days of the mirror exercise.

“There’s great power in a daily practice that brings you to a higher level of thinking and being. A good daily practice will change the trajectory of your day, creating powerful results in your relationships, your work and your spirit.”
~ Mary Morrissey

About Mark Lamm

Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.


  1. Karel Glasner says:

    Wow Mark, you are certainly doing something right. Just look at that smile, a face of a man I'd never guessed even close to that of 85! Funny though, I get that too, often hard for others to know or guess my chronological age real.

  2. I m ready 2 b come like u…

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