An Integral Approach to Healing


Integration Equals Greater Gestalt

BioSync’s integral approach to wellness is based on the assumption that the human body is a walking and talking repository of a person’s life, containing “recordings” of events which are experienced pre-birth and onward. These recordings include memories of trauma, resulting from either physical, emotional, or psychological insult or injury. Sources of these stressors include: genetic predispositions; acute macro-trauma or chronic micro-trauma; accumulation of negative thoughts; and the physical effects of aging.

At the purely physical level, BioSync focuses on connective tissue and in particular collagen. Ideally, these threads in youth are flexible, elastic, soft and pliable. However, with aging and stress, a biochemical process called “collagen cross linking” or glycation occurs. As connective tissue becomes “cross linked”, range of motion is reduced, joint space is decreased and various dysfunctional conditions develop. The BioSync process successfully addresses this compressed and constricted tissue.

More specifically, there are three general principles to the physical interventions of BioSync:

  1. Penetration — accomplished through direct physical contact
  2. Lengthening — through manual traction
  3. Unwinding — via the consultant’s movement in a spiral fashion

These principles are integral to BioSync and is what differentiates it from other forms of bodywork such as deep-tissue sculpting, passive joint movement or assisted stretching with compressions.

In actuality, these touch and movement principles are part of a whole approach, or a greater gestalt.

The multidimensional aspect of trauma, both historical and present time, negatively impacts both the physical and energetic bodies. That being said, the intuitive and energetic aspects of BioSync, are absolutely integral to its practice including communication skills which provide an important dimension and elegant way to establish rapport and influence the healing process through pre-framing, transformational dialogue, body ecology, anchoring, future pacing, etc.

Each BioSync professional is trained to carefully attend to the client’s physiology as well as the sound of their voice and the qualities of their breathing. Improvisation of body positions, leverages, moves, directions and vectors is also foundational to a BioSync professional’s abilities, enabling them to address specific challenges that are uniquely different with each client.

Through touch and movement, the BioSync consultant connects energetically with the client. The consultant also maintains an ideal vision of the client’s structure and function. This is why BioSync is so unusual. It is a highly technical, structural work which requires a thorough knowledge of anatomy; however, the effectiveness of this work is greatly dependent on the strength of the consultant’s intuition and on the energetic connection between client and consultant.

What Makes BioSync Different?

  • BioSync Professionals’ Use of Chi
    BioSync practitioners utilize Chi energy, a Taoist tradition which dates back five thousand years to the Tang Dynasty in China, presenting a potent and unique opportunity for mutual healing. A BioSync professional learns to access, cultivate and use three Chi (Qi) centers — the lower, middle and upper Dan Tien to release the client’s physical and emotional holding patterns of dysfunction and distress. The professional is adept at alternating between Yin Energy and Yang Energy. Learning to gather, organize and utilize Chi is the most influential and stress relieving compliment a somatic therapist can bring to their practice. And, certainly, cultivating the focus, flow and interaction of Chi energy aids the practitioner and benefits the client by promoting deep release, restoration, health and longevity. Drawing on Chi energy, with every touch and movement, releases client knots, tangles and blockages easier and faster than physical energy alone.
  • BioSync is Circular in the Delivery as Opposed to Linear
    If you pull or push a braid, what happens? Not much! The helix will merely lengthen or shorten while retaining its underlying structure. In the same way, you can push or pull the body’s connective tissue, but eventually it will return to the same position, with its trauma recordings still locked inside. To release trauma permanently, it is necessary to unwind the helix itself. There is a difference between tissue resistance and client resistance and the somatic practitioner must have the sensory acuity to know which is which and how to respond accordingly meaning that the transformational changes available in a client are directly related to the to the philosophy, consciousness, personal experience, and tools of the massage therapist, sports therapist, physical therapist, rolfer and structural integrator.
  • 10 Sessions are not Required
    In each session primary challenges are addressed initially and then the practitioner considers systemically the whole body. Certainly, there are obstacles and beliefs that create resistance to change; but, rather than fighting an existing belief and thereby empowering it, the BioSync professional is trained to engage the client in realizing the power of potential as they identify possibilities together through this multi-faceted approach.


All knots and tangles, all insults and injuries to the body have an associated trauma pattern and emotional counterpart that exists in the connective tissue. The idea is to resolve to resolve! When you analyze, digitize, intellectualize, re-enforce or label you keep a dysfunction alive.

In a society that feels that everything has to be cured quickly, we need an authentic healing process that dives deeper into the real reasons that the pain is there and why it continues to live on in our bodies. We need a true way of healing that is healthy and helpful and BioSync is that helping hand to facilitate integral healing.

About Mark Lamm

Mark Lamm’s gift of transformational touch has taken his clients beyond limiting beliefs, beyond pain, beyond traumatic life events to lasting results through BioSync. At 86, Mark maintains an active private practice serving a worldwide client base.

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