Certified BioSync Providers

What Makes the BioSync Team so Extraordinary?

The BioSync team of consultants and practitioners are passionate about somatic education and have come together based on shared values and philosophies to holistically work with clients. To begin, each of the consultants and practitioners are highly trained and educated individuals whose existing somatic skills, mind skills and communication skills are further developed and nurtured to serve the public with care and compassion. BioSync consultants and practitioners are dedicated to using the power of the mind-body connection, inspiring thoughts and positive actions to help create optimal health and maintain an outstanding quality of life in partnership with our client.

Consultants are trained in all aspects of BioSync® including the whole body protocol using the specifically designed BioSync therapeutic equipment as well as the iCore and Barefoot protocols. Practitioners are trained either in BioSync® iCore and/or BioSync® Barefoot protocols. [Consultants and practitioners are herein referred to as providers].

"The Old One"Along with this dedicated group of providers, I passionately believe that BioSync is an important and necessary health care option and an extraordinary alternative to drugs, surgery, rehab and living with pain. This work has the superb ability to “do no harm” while being profoundly effective. BioSync’s whole body approach combines Eastern healing methods and Western modern medical knowledge. In keeping with this philosophy, the BioSync providers’ intent is to address the effects of stored physical and emotional traumas while the focus is on self awareness, stress reduction, pain relief and rehabilitation using the transformational potential of therapeutic touch. The BioSync providers’ goals are to address pain and distress, improve flexibility, give comfort and build health.

A BioSync provider learns to access, cultivate and use three Chi (Qi) centers — the lower, middle and upper Dan Tien to release the client’s physical and emotional holding patterns of dysfunction and distress. The multidimensional aspect of trauma, both historical and present time, negatively impacts both the physical and energetic bodies. So, at the purely physical level, BioSync focuses on connective tissue and in particular collagen. Ideally, these threads in youth are flexible, elastic, soft and pliable. However, with aging and stress, a biochemical process called “collagen cross linking” or glycation occurs. As connective tissue becomes “cross linked”, range of motion is reduced, joint space is decreased and various dysfunctional conditions develop. The BioSync process successfully addresses this compressed and constricted tissue.

More specifically, there are three general principles to the physical interventions of BioSync: penetration, lengthening, and unwinding. Penetration is accomplished through direct physical contact, lengthening is done through manual traction, and unwinding via movement in a spiral fashion. In actuality, these three touch and movement principles are part of a whole approach, or a greater gestalt.

The intuitive and energetic aspects of BioSync are integral to its practice. Mind skills provide an important dimension and elegant way to establish rapport and influence the healing process through pre-framing, transformational dialogue, body ecology, anchoring, future pacing, etc. Each BioSync provider is trained to carefully attend to the client’s physiology as well as the sound of their voice and the qualities of their breathing. Improvisation of body positions, leverages, moves, directions and vectors is also foundational to a BioSync provider’s abilities, enabling them to address specific challenges that are uniquely different with each client.

The major differences between a BioSync provider and other somatic therapists are:

1) BioSync providers’ use of Chi: The provider is adept at alternating between Yin Energy and Yang Energy. Learning to gather, organize and utilize Chi is the most influential and stress relieving compliment a somatic therapist can bring to their practice. And, certainly, cultivating the focus, flow and interaction of Chi energy aids the practitioner and benefits the client by promoting deep release, restoration, health and longevity.

2) BioSync is circular in the delivery as opposed to linear: If you pull or push a braid, what happens? Not much! The helix will merely lengthen or shorten while retaining its underlying structure. In the same way, you can push or pull the body’s connective tissue, but eventually it will return to the same position, with its trauma recordings still locked inside. To release trauma permanently, it is necessary to unwind the helix itself. There is a difference between tissue resistance and client resistance and the somatic practitioner must have the sensory acuity to know which is which and how to respond accordingly meaning that the transformational changes available in a client are directly related to the to the philosophy, consciousness, personal experience, and tools of the massage therapist, sports therapist, physical therapist, rolfer and structural integrator;

3) 10 sessions are not required: In each session primary challenges are addressed initially and then the practitioner considers systemically the whole body by utilizing this multi-faceted approach to release client knots, tangles and blockages. All knots and tangles, all insults and injuries to the body have an associated trauma pattern and emotional counterpart that exists in the connective tissue;

While it is true, that there are obstacles and beliefs that create resistance to change; but, rather than fighting an existing belief and thereby empowering it, the liberating idea/movement is to identify and engage the belief or state you want to manifest (see Shifting Paradigms). The idea is to resolve to resolve! When you analyze, digitize, intellectualize, re-enforce or label you keep a dysfunction alive. As we take responsibility for our health and wellness, we become the architect of change when we claim health, healing and vitality as our core needs.I want to unfold.

There are 3 people who transformed my life: One is Mark Lamm. In the 30 plus years that I’ve worked in the field of peak performance, I’ve had the privilege of working with many master teachers. In the area of creating immediate and dramatic improvements in one’s physical body, there are none who can rival the impact of Mark Lamm’s work. Mark is my friend, mentor and model of wellness and longevity.
Tony Robbins
Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

We are excited about this team and the breadth and depth of experience in this group. For your safety and comfort you should only receive BioSync from certified providers in good standing with the BioSync Research Institute. Please contact us for a referral.