BioSync Professional Program

Consultant Certification and Equipment Training

This is an unprecedented massage and bodywork opportunity to learn from Mark Lamm over a six day period. This somatic education program offers the massage therapist, sports therapist, physical therapist, rolfer and structural integrator a certification that sets them apart in the eyes of clients, peers and referral sources. The time that you will spend with Massage Hall of Fame Inductee, Mark Lamm will be intensive, interactive and experiential so not only will you become fluent in the “language” of the body; but, by “seeing”, “doing” and “receiving” you will learn quickly, dynamically and effectively!

As a BioSync consultant you will learn dramatically effective massage and bodywork concepts — including the BioSync® whole body protocol using the specifically designed BioSync therapeutic equipment as well as the BioSync® iCore and BioSync® Barefoot protocols* — which are a revolutionary new paradigm in massage and bodywork. More importantly, you will acquire tools which can deeply change and improve the lives of others. It is an empowering enjoyable experience and you will gain a sense of completion and leave more capable and confident as a certified BioSync consultant.

* Successful completion of the BioSync® iCore and BioSync® Barefoot workshops are required prior to applying for the BioSync® Consultant Certification and Equipment Training Program.

BioSync is a deep-tissue approach to somatic education developed and taught by Mark Lamm. It’s purpose is to unwind and resolve trauma memory recorded and stored in connective tissue. The multidimensional aspect of trauma is able to negatively impact both the physical and energetic bodies. “When a trauma recording is kicked in by any stimulus, the being becomes reactive, compulsive, and is in a victim, disempowered cycle, BioSync erases this trauma, thereby allowing the being to be empowered and free to make choices.”

At the purely physical level, Mark Lamm focuses on the connective tissue. In particular he is concerned with collagen which forms into long, spiraling, triple helix threads. Ideally, these threads are flexible and elastic, soft and pliable. However, with aging and stress, a biochemical process called “collagen cross linking” occurs. As these threads become “cross linked”, range of motion is reduced, joint space is decreased, and various dysfunctional conditions develop. Insurance actuaries estimate that the average person shrinks four to six inches in the average life span of 75 years. The BioSync process successfully addresses this constricted tissue.

There are three general principles to the somatic or physical interventions of BioSync: penetration, lengthening, and unwinding. Penetration is accomplished through direct physical contact, lengthening is done through manual traction, and unwinding via the consultant’s movement in a spiral fashion. In actuality, these three touch and movement principles are part of a whole approach, or a greater gestalt. The BioSync consultant is also trained to carefully attend to the client’s physiology and the sound of their voice as well as the qualities of their breathing. There is a formal protocol so that the consultant works the entire body in a systematic pattern in each full session. However, “improvisation” of body positions, leverages, moves, directions, etc. is also foundational to a BioSync consultant’s abilities, enabling them to address specific challenges that are uniquely different with each client.

The intuitive and energetic aspects of BioSync, however, are absolutely integral to its practice. Through direct contact with the client, Mark Lamm is able to see with his whole being this person fully- the places where there are dysfunctions, as well as an ideal vision of the client’s structure and function. Through touch and movement Mark connects energetically with the client. He becomes an extension of the client’s system. “When you touch the client,” says Mark, “you start by putting open hands with palms down to the body of the client with no undue force or pressure. This is a confirmation between you and the client–stay, and slowly leverage weight into your hands until you feel yourself blended and in harmony with the client’s system. You may find that closing your eyes will give you a greater feel of attunement. You now have become an extension of the other person’s body and can begin to work.”

This is why BioSync is so unusual. It is a highly technical, structural work which requires a thorough knowledge of anatomy. However, the effectiveness of this work is totally dependent on the strength of the consultant’s intuition, and on the energetic connection between client and consultant. These finely tuned abilities are taught and carefully nurtured by Mark Lamm in his Professional Program.

Mark considers client and consultants as “partners on an evolutionary path”. Each derives learning and transformation from their work together. Indeed, transformational changes available in a client are directly related to the philosophy, consciousness, personal experience, and tools of the massage therapist, sports therapist, physical therapist, rolfer and structural integrator. By participating and immersing yourself in this professional training program you will experience the ability to unlock blocked energies and greatly contribute to the healing process.


Currently offered at $8,000
6 Days/42 CE’s