Time is Sacred and Flexible: The Difference Between Kronos and Kyros

Time is an IllusionTime is sacred and flexible. To understand that statement requires knowledge of the huge difference between EXTERNAL time (Kronos) and INTERNAL time (Kyros).

Chronological time is measured by clocks, calendars, events, etc. and is the same for everyone. Kyros is uniquely individual in terms of relationship to past experiences and memories and projections of the future. Kyros provides the opportunity to resolve personal issues whether this lifetime, genetic or ancestral.

Albert Einstein said, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” rejecting the concept of linear time. Advancing this timeless perspective are the late Richard Feynman and great Stephen Hawking. If you would like to tickle your mind with new thoughts, Robert Lanza wrote an interesting article on Huffpost Does the Past Exist Yet? Evidence Suggests Your Past Isn’t Set in Stone  discussing multiple futures.

Now, utilizing the concept of a vertical time line gets you identified with desired states — free of repeating past patterns of mind, emotion and body. When you re-cycle on a horizontal time line you carry the ‘past’ into the ‘present’ and ‘potential future’ making it difficult to create/maintain a positive change.

At any given moment we’re being guided by one of two maps: a vision map, which is a deliberate plan for our future, or a default map, made from our past.
~ Debbie Ford


A vision map is an example of vertical time line or 6th dimensional thinking and creating while the default map is 4th dimensional horizontal time line that tends to keep us repeating old patterns.

In the Taoist Philosophy, the HEART CENTER (Hsin Mind, 4th Dimension, horizontal time line) is the access to all past experiences and future projections. The 3rd EYE CENTER or Wisdom Mind (Yi Mind, 6th Dimension, vertical time line) responds creatively.

Time Line Theory Practice

  1. Wake up each morning thankful for life and the new gifts and blessings of the day.
  2. Set the tone and intention by touching the third eye point (the Wisdom or Yi Mind) with your index finger (aka the Jupiter finger) and make a commitment to work from this awareness throughout the day every day.

This mindful practice allows you to function from the Wisdom Mind and feel from the Heart center not burdened by past traumas or future fears.

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