BioSync Therapy Equipment

Natural Support for Client and Consultant

Three unique pieces of physical therapy equipment have been designed by Mark Lamm exclusively for the Team of BioSync Consultants and selected by the World Massage Festival for the 2012 Product of the Year Award.

“Improvisation” of body positions, leverages, moves, directions, etc. is foundational to a BioSync consultant’s abilities and this equipment enables them to address specific challenges that are uniquely different with each client in a naturally supportive way.

The Arch

Pull-out roll: Designed to support the feet and allow knees to drop creating access to the sacrum and lengthening of spine.
Arm rests: Designed to support arms so client is in a gravitationally relaxed position.
Split upper body: Designed to allow the head to rest comfortably while the body is extended.
Side Posts: Designed to support hips when client is placed sideways in an extended or twisted position.

The therapeutic design of this equipment allows for maximum freedom and extension of the body while providing natural support to both practitioner and client. Working with this equipment establishes an organic rapport between the practitioner and client.

The Seat

Height Adjustable Seat:  Designed to accommodate different client heights.
Rear Hand Grips: Designed to support client in an arched position, allowing release of scapula and posterior spine.

The Extension

Leg Trays: Designed for client’s shins to rest so that the client may lengthen forward on the extension.
Arm Rests: Designed for client’s arms to rest so that the client is in a relaxed and supported position.
Split Upper Body: Designed to allow the head to rest comfortably while the body is extended.

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