Alex Beck

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A long time surfer and athlete…
Living in SoCal, Hawaii and New York. I value the importance of a fully functioning body that is ready to spring into action — regardless of weather or temperature; playing golf in the snow or dancing in a “hot” night club there really is no substitute for a body that is loose and in optimum health.

Most comfortable in the water surfing and having to adjust to land dwelling and working, I realized that the body takes punishment thru repetitive motion, non perfect posture and added weight.

I found BioSync thru a good friend who had entered the BioSync family 5 years prior. I wished I’d taken him up on his offer for a session back when he offered; but, like most things it go tucked under the rug. But, like the saying does, “When the student is ready the teacher will present himself.” So, I finally met Mark Lamm after getting a BioSync from my old buddy Gray Richards.

Since receiving lots of BioSync work from Gray and Mark, my body has not felt this good in the last 10 years. I have since dedicated my life to learning this method/craft to help others find their appreciation for the body and life on the highest level.
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Alex Beck
Hollywood, CA

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