BioSync Training Calendar

2016 Special Event

BioSync® Barefoot Workshop
November 4th – November 7th … Salt Lake City, Utah
This is a special 4 day event co-taught by Leah Lamm and Natalie Buchi


2014 Events

Workshop Dates

BioSync® Barefoot Workshop
February 16th – February 18th, 2014
March 18th – March 20th, 2014 … Chicago
October 10th – October 12th , 2014 *

BioSync® iCore Workshop
February 28th – March 2nd, 2014
October 13th – October 15th , 2014 *

* For those students wishing to participate in consecutive Barefoot and iCore Workshops.

Special Program Dates

BioSync® Consultant Certification
& Equipment Training


Advanced Certification Program
"Learn More"December 6th – December 11th, 2014

Master Certification Program

Success Strategies
Taught for the World Massage Festival


I believe that transformational changes available in a client are directly related to the philosophy, consciousness, personal experience, and tools of the somatic practitioner ― massage therapist, sports therapist, physical therapist, rolfer, structural integrator, etc. By participating and immersing yourself in these healing methods ― workshops and seminar programs ― you will experience the ability to unlock blocked energies and greatly contribute to the healing process.
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