Infinite Potential: The Earth Journey

Wake Up and Remember Each of us is an extraordinary and miraculous living entity with infinite potential. It has always been this way. Our core essence is a divine spark of universal love that animates us and illumines our consciousness with insight and awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. These fundamental underlying aspects are innate […]

Four Sustainable Habits

My daughter wants to work out more, but she has a hard time forming the habit (many of you might be familiar with this problem). From having to get dressed to go to the gym, to actually going to the gym, to the thought of a hard workout … our minds tend to put off […]

The Exquisite Healer: Forgiveness

The most magical power we have is our ability to forgive. It is the exquisite healer in all of us. Forgiveness is the key to releasing any emotional baggage we have continued to carry, our outdated and outmoded perspectives, and any other attachment that keeps us bound to the past. It is the only way […]

Way to Be: Acceptance and Appreciation

The Way to Be by Leo Babauta @zen_habits Last night I received a phone call from a loved one, someone who I love deeply but have struggled with internally because I’ve been worried about his health. I want to help him, because I feel I’m losing him. I want to show him my habit method, […]

The Energy of Unconditional Love

Evolving through Love Unconditional love is a magnificent energy when unleashed and used, yet it is often hidden within the confines of our innermost self. Few have cultivated this enormous power and used it for universal good. Such love when thought, felt and expressed by any person, automatically raises the experience for the whole of […]

Don’t Worry: Be Happy

What if You Didn’t Have to Worry About Yourself? By Leo Babauta @zen_habits Have you ever had people annoy you at work? Or maybe family members whose little habits bothered you? Have you been frustrated by a store clerk or waiter, or maybe another driver? What about frustration with your kid, or spouse? How can […]

Unconditional Love

An Unlimited Way of Being by Harold W. Becker @lovefoundation The most courageous act we can ever undertake is to love ourselves and life unconditionally. Each moment we have the opportunity to accept love and its perfection as our expression. Shedding the limitations of the ages, we can free ourselves to experience life as it […]

Positively Positive News for a Change

Empowering Solutions by The BioSync Team Powered by 7 Things You Should Stop Expecting from Others From – March 15, 6:43 AM The biggest disappointments in our lives are often the result of misplaced expectations. This is especially true when it comes to our relationships and interactions with others. The BioSync Team‘s insight: My […]